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My name is Dennis Swindle and I'm the minister with the Myelin Church of christ and Myelin Michigan...

just south of ann Arbor. I'm making this video to share my experience with a company out of Orlando florida called quick cash offer. Now what this company does, They offer to buy houses from people like me who were in a situation where they really needed to sell a house fast And get a good offer from a company and then basically have the company take care of everything. Now, that's exactly what quick cash offer did for me. Within about 30 days from the very date I first talked to some of the representatives which by the way, very professional, courteous and helpful. About 30 days later I closed on my house. Now the interesting thing about my experience was the house that I owned is located in West Virginia And here where I am in Michigan is nearly 400 miles away. So that's one reason I needed to sell this house quickly because I really didn't have the time to go down and and maintain the house, keep the lawn mowed and all of that and watch the house and all of this. I really needed to get it sold quickly and I didn't really have enough money to affect repairs on the house, which it really needed. So I needed to sell it quickly with as as little fuss as possible. And quick cash offer did exactly that for me and I'm not a paid advertiser for the company in the least. I'm doing this because I was really impressed by the company. I was impressed by the people that I worked with. I was impressed by the fact that I didn't have to go back to Clarksburg west Virginia. Not even once. They took care of everything. And even the closing I was able to do from my own house here in Myelin michigan. So It was a painless process. And again, it only took about 30 days from start to finish. And they fulfilled every obligation. Every promise all I had to do was provided the information that they needed. Now, if you have time to to take good care of the house to affect repairs and and you're not in a real hurry, then sure, go through a traditional realtor. But if you like me, who just needed to get that house off of your plate so you can focus on other things, then I would recommend quick cash offer in a heartbeat. A wonderful company. And I thank them for the great job they did for me. I'm confident they'll do the same for you. Well, thank you for watching and may God bless you.

So my name is kelly and I was selling my home, getting ready to move to another state. And a guy told me I got you,...

I got you got you, he was gonna buy the place and then he ghosted me, He bailed so it was sort of survival mode at that point, and I started just clicking away, clicking away and I found Alex and he said, I can help you, don't worry about it and get it done. And he got it done on time, came through for me, big, big, big time, even when I was freaking out that he was like don't worry about it, I'm gonna take care of it and he put a rush on everything for me because of my situation and we are here at the bank today and we signed everything and he's just been wonderful through the whole process. So I'm gonna recommend him to any and everybody, if you get in a jam or you just want to leave and say screw it. He is the man to call, put your trust in him 139%. You really came through, man, I needed you and you were my godsend and my angel

Pleased to meet you in person and you handled yourself quite professionally...

You viewed the house and ask pertinent questions about the property. Where should we try to answer it full and from that going on after the offer, everything has gone as stated and quite smoothly.

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